It's a laid back, completely candid approach to illustrating your family at its most honest core.

Documenting a day in your family's life may seem like an unusual approach to achieving that perfect family photo. The beauty of my photography style is that it's designed to work with your family. So if that means there's toys everywhere and you have some serious bedhead, then let's embrace it! Honestly, the closer we are to a normal day for you, the more comfortable you will feel in front of the camera. 

My family sessions are based around activities and places that make you the most comfortable. It's about having a good time with your favourite people and not worrying about whether you're striking the right pose.


From baby bumps to practicing karate in the garage, I love discovering what makes your family unique and the little things that bring you together.

Intrigued? Let's get down to the nitty-gritty details... 

 I'll ask you beforehand to think of a handful of little activities you enjoy doing on a daily basis that would help tell the story of your family. The activities can be as simple as making lunch, getting your child ready for a nap, or going for a nice walk in the park. I leave a wide range of time open so you're not watching the clock and can focus on having fun with your family. Feel free to wear whatever makes you the most comfortable (so no matching family outfits...unless you do this regularly!). And when I show up, we'll immediately dive into our session, not missing a beat on your day. I'll be around cracking bad jokes and getting to know you a bit better, but also taking a step back when it counts.